We are a user group in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico who are dedicated to the use of the GNU/Linux Operating System and other Free Software.

We meet every other Thursday to broaden our own, and others, knowledge of computing in regard to the GNU/Linux OS. Please participate regardless of how much you know or don’t. Join the mailing list It’s the best way to stay up-to-date with projects, meetings and receive and/or provide support. Also, join us on freenode to chat or register on this site to post news, meeting notes, tutorials, and updates.


Our primary intention is to grow the community of GNU/Linux users; both in their numbers and in the level of their expertise. Also we intend to do it while having a good time.

To this end:

We are a resource for anyone who desires to use or learn about this world class software. This includes making software and support available at our meetings for anyone interested in installing the GNU/Linux Operating System or related software. Perhaps even more importantly than our being available for first time users of Free Software, we also will be a resource for those currently using the GNU/Linux system. We will be a constant resource for support of Free Software via the Internet. In order to accomplish this goal, we will use both this website and our mailing list. On the web site, you will find a collection of tutorials, descriptions of both group and individual projects, and instructions for joining our mailing list. On the mailing list, we are available to answer questions, help solve problems and keep members informed. We are a group whose excellence, the quality of it’s events, and dedication to GNU/Linux, attracts individuals who already have experience, skill, and knowledge with regard to Free Software and computing. Not to mention those who are interested in furthering the progress of GNU/Linux by attending meetings, helping others, promoting GPL and otherwise contributing. Furthermore, we will discuss, encourage and create the challenges which Free Software can solve. All with the intention of increasing the knowledge and skill of our members so that they in turn will be able to share those skills and that knowledge with other and future members of the group.

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