Jun 142021

Topic of the Day:

Gopher – file search – University of Minnesota, 1991, did not last when web protocols changed, and the university licensed it as copyrighted. By the time the licensing was reversed in 2000, Mosaic had surpassed it in features and use as the web expanded.
Gopher is a client/server directory system that allowed people to quickly browse resources on the networks.

Gemini – a new Internet protocol, file search and markup language; Not Gopher, Not Web, in-between. Art has posted to the mailing list some details.

Other topics

  • Firefox 89 rewrite and some temporary work-arounds;
  • Cherrytree for note taking;
  • Spider-web charts for multi-demnsional comparisons;
  • Spreadsheet preferences – LibreOffice, Gnumeric, csv;
  • Systemd and systemctl – see the recent article at https://www.2daygeek.com/linux-systemctl-command-manage-systemd-units-service/